Orioles are beginning their migration from the warm tropical climates of the south to the brisk mornings of spring here in the Midwest. Orioles migrate at night leaving them tired, cold, and hungry when they arrive to your backyard. Get your feeders out NOW! Orioles are picky, have established feeders out before they arrive to ensure maximum Oriole attraction to your yard.

Perhaps you have seen an Oriole or two raiding your hummingbird feeder. This is not out of character, in fact, Orioles love fruits – particularly oranges and apples, as well as nectar. Orioles also enjoy a nice grape jelly and stealing some meal worms from Bluebird Mealworm feeders! Kids will giggle as they watch an Oriole enjoy jelly and oranges from a Fruit & Jelly Feeder by Songbird Essentials.

Orioles struggle feeding from a hummingbird feeder because their beaks are just too big. If you want to attract Orioles make sure you are using a feeder specifically designed for Orioles such as the Ultimate Oriole Feeder. This feeder is the ultimate buffet for hungry Orioles arriving to the mid-west. The Ultimate Oriole Feeder allows you to feed oranges, nectar, AND jelly at the same time plus it is easy to fill and clean.

Aim your eyes high, you will soon be hearing the sweet spring heralds of the Baltimore Oriole form treetops soon!

Posted Date: 2019-04-17