All Weather Feeder Tribute in Scott Shallaway Article

We made the news!  In an article in the Charleston Gazette by Scott Shallaway, the All Weather Feeder by Songbird Essentials receives tribute:

"Hulled sunflower seeds are more expensive because the hulls have been mechanically removed.  But there is no mess and no waste; every kernel is eaten.  The hulls of in-shell sunflower seeds make up as much as 45 percent of the weight of product, so there's a good bit of waste.  Despite the higher price, I think sunflower kernels are the best value in bird food.  But because the hulls have been removed, they must be kept dry.  The Songbird Essentials All-Weather Feeder is the only truly weatherproof feeder I can recommend."

Posted Date: 2012-12-03