Ultimate Oriole Feeder A Big Hit

Every now and then, a new feeder comes along that really stands out to us as Top of the Line.  The Ultimate Oriole Feeder by Songbird Essentials is such a feeder.  The Ultimate Oriole Feeder boasts a huge capacity for fruit and jelly while maintaining visual appeal and gets the vote from Orioles too!

Finally an Oriole feeder with enough nectar, orange halves and jelly capacity to attract and hold Orioles in your yard!  When Orioles arrive, they are starving and quickly consume what's on other feeders.  When the feeders are empty, they move elsewhere looking for more to eat.  This won't happen to you with the new Songbird Essentials Ultimate Oriole Feeder.  Feed nectar, jelly and oranges all at the same time.  Built in ant moat keeps ants out of the Oriole's treats.  Holds 4 halves of real oranges in such a way that ant moat can still be filled with water and be effective.  Holds 1 quart of nectar which is twice as much as other flat top nectar feeders.  Holds 4 times the jelly as other nectar and jelly combo feeders.  It's also easy to fill and clean, so everyone wins.

Watch a video of the Ultimate Oriole Feeder in use now - Click Here.

Posted Date: 2013-05-02