A big THANKS to Karen McLaughlin in Tampa, FL for her testimony on her Songbird Essentials Butterfly Feeder

Karen says, "I was given the WONDERFUL gift of the Songbird Essentials Butterfly Feeder (SE78200) for Mother's Day, and it works like a CHARM!!! I have many photos of my monarchs stopping by for a drink on this wonderful feeder!

I am SO proud of my new butterfly feeder and it is being used by many butterflies in my butterfly garden.

They have many sweet nectar plants to pick from, which I grow for them, but especially on the rainy days when the plants are wet and soggy (and maybe not so appealing), they are avidly using the butterfly feeder even more.

Thank you sincerely... I LOVE your product! (and so do my monarchs!) I put the pictures I took on FaceBook of the butterflies on my feeder and everyone wants to know what that kind of feeder is and where I got it!"

Karen McLaughlin
Tampa, FL

Posted Date: 2017-08-09